🌈 Lezme AMA 2 event between Lezme and Vietnam Coin Market officially took place successfully.


Some of the main parts discussed in the AMA.

I. Introduction

Ms Jennie: Thank you @taitan296 and VN Coin Market for having me today.

Mr Hubert: Hello. It’s a pleasure to all of you who participated in the AMA today.

Could you briefly introduce yourselves as well as your project?

Ms Jennie: Hi everyone, I’m Jennie Nguyen — Marketing Manager of Lezme — Financial Metaverse! I graduated from the Banking Academy. I have been in crypto space for a few years and I was a CMO, Researcher for some crypto projects. Lezme has incredible momentum, a passionate team and amazing founders & partners. I am so happy to be a part of the Lezme team and help them achieve their ambitious next phase of growth.

Lezme is a project building an AI trading platform to be the world’s first and largest automated financial investment consulting and implementation service based on blockchain technology. The project is geared towards shaping the financial metaverse for global users.

To exploit the most optimal market, Lezme releases four main groups of products: A dynamic robot system, a market condition detection program, NFT Marketplace, and AI personal financial assistants.

These products will be the simplest and easiest-to-use tools for generating passive income. Moreover, they support users in identifying the right period of the market with a strong up/down-trend or sideways with a large enough margin to exploit. Then the success rate will be improved.

Lezme — we aim to be the First and the Largest Financial Metaverse.

Mr Hubert: How wonderful, sir. The VCM audience is also eager to study the RageFan project.

Looking forward to having our audiences to know more about the project and the views.

Let’s get to the first question we’d like to know from you.

What makes the LEZME project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Ms Jennie: We pioneered the application of forex trading bot technology to the blockchain, which is a thorough study over 22 years that no other team has applied.

We only focus on building products and 2 main products of Lezme are NFT passport and NFT trading bot based on EPP strategy (CEO’s exclusive invention)

The EPP system with the help of AI to enable the RIGHT BOT at the RIGHT TIME. The bot will only be activated when markets go on strong trends (up/down), and will be disable when the market is not stable.

By this way, the users can reduce risk and increase their chances of winning.

Mr Hubert: We will come to the next question:

Who are some business partners/clients for LEZME?

Ms Jennie: Regarding to backers, Lezme is backed by three strong backers from the very first days:

1. DTS: DTS Digital Transformation Alliance is an alliance of reputable individuals and organizations operating in e-commerce, digital services, digital technology, etc., sharing the same mission of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in digital transformation to improve competitiveness.

2. BAS: BAS is the Blockchain Chapter of the DTS Digital Transformation Alliance. BAS Chapter was established to cooperate and alliance with reputable, market-savvy organizations and individuals with the same goal of supporting open Blockchain businesses and developing a sustainable Blockchain industry.

BIC Capital: BIC is a startup incubator for startups in the technology field in Vietnam. BIC Capital was established and invested by the DTS Digital.

Thank you!

In addition, we also have partners in media/communication and exchanges, launchpads.

We will update gradually on our official channel. Become a member of our channel if you haven’t joined: https://t.me/lezmeglobal

Mr Hubert: Can’t wait any longer. I think the audience is wanting to learn more about the project:

What are the memorable milestones of Lezme in the research and development process?

Ms Jennie: Yes. We completed the legal documents earlier this year. Several offices around the world have been established. Our head office is located in Singapore and we have a world-class core team.

At the beginning of April, we had our first product internal tests. We are currently in the process of testing the smart contract.

We are working to improve the security and safety of our systems by partnering with Amazon to provide security packages.

Mr Hubert: We to the last question of the Q-A segment:

What does LEZME plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Ms Jennie: Well, what makes Lezme different from others is we always help investors make profits even when the market is trending up or down. For every market condition, there is a trading strategy that can be profited from. That’s why we have planned for IDO after the end of private sale in mid-July. After that will be the beta test participant recruitment program.

We expect at least 10K users for this beta test recruitment program.

II. Questions on Twitter | Total Prize: $50 LEZME

#1. Many projects start with inexperienced team members and some of them don’t go well because of mistakes. How effective is your team’s experience and background in project success? And how do you build trust in your user base, since this group is anonymous

The Lezme core-team came from traditional finance and crypto backgrounds.

They’re experienced entrepreneurs and specialists with many years of experience in derivatives trading, forex trading, risk management, and blockchain-based financial systems.

Our team is not anonymous, everything is public on the website.

With many experienced experts in the blockchain field, we hope to be able to offer users an excellent product.

You can check info of our team here https://lezme.io/

#2. Currently, most investors are only interested in the profit now and ignore the long-term benefits. So can you give them some advice why they should buy and hold this token/coin in the long term

First of all, Lezme is not a play/click to earn platform. Lezme token won’t be minted over time. Only having the demand for Lezme Token to use all services on Lezme Platform or Marketplace

Therefore, the price of the token will increase steadily.

Second, in the bear market, almost every token has decreased in value. We are not afraid of a bear market.

Our users still profit from shorting the market.

While still benefiting from Lezme, users continue to buy token to use our Copy trading services. This will make $LEZME holders won’t lose money in investing Lezme tokens.

#3. Can you share with us some of the great features of #LezmeOfficial that set it apart from the competition? What competitive advantages does your platform have that you feel most confident in?

I am so happy to share you about Lezme great features:

1. The EPP system with the help of AI to enable the right bot at the right time will make a buy/sell decision when all the prerequisites are satisfied at the same time.

2. USP: You will get compound interest from creating a bot for profit trading for yourself and sending your bot to Lezme NFT marketplace and when others need to order your bot they have to pay you specific fees. Sleep easily at night and let the bot do the work.

3. AI technology allows you to review losing trades, analyze the causes and suggest directions for improvement.

#4. Your roadmap indicates that LEZME will soon be developed into “NFT BOT Builder” for its users. Can you tell us more about this upcoming product? Will it be freely available to everyone on your platform?

Regarding the NFT Bot Builder module, this is a program that allows players to create their own bots. The bot owner will get 20% of the profit of followers.

To be a bot builder, players need to have Lezme Token to pay for:

- Initialization fee

- Buy signals

- Verify bot

- Energy

NFT bot can be transferred between the owners and can be increase in value if your bot have the exceptional results.

#5. What is your plan for globalization? Do you have Local Communities for non-English speakers? What can we expect from your platform in the short term (sometime in 2022) & 2023? And beyond (long term goal)

We have received great support from all the communities around the world. Definitely in the future we will open local communities for non-English speaking countries.

Currently our main group has almost reached its limit of 200K members and in the future there may be more.

We sincerely thank you soooo much for your support, Lezmenions!

For the next phase, we will release a total 15 bot for copy trade services. In the long run, users can create their own bots and enjoy passive income from renting these bots.

III. Free Asking | Total Prize: $50 LEZME

Question 1. Can you explain your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens will be minted?How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

The total supply of Lezme token is 1B token, which is issued on BNB chain

15% for community, 15% for investors, 15% for team, 20% for development, 20% for ecosystem, 5% for liquidity, 10% for reserve.

Team allocation will be locked for 1 year.

Question 2. What’s your interesting focus right currently? Are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?plz tell me sir

The product is what we are devoting all our time to right now. We believe that a good product will have a strong community. The strong community is the community with loyal users.

Question 3.How big is your team and how can we get introduced with the rest of your team members and founders? Can the community interact with them like you?

In addition to the core-team members that you see on the website, there are many Lezme employees who are silently contributing and trying for the development of the project. There are also experts around the world who advise us.

They are all present in the Telegram community. You can directly ask and meet them in the group :)

Question 4. I want to stick with your project and get the latest updated information. Would you please share the links to your social media and telegram channels?


Question 5. What is your project ‘marketing strategy’ ?? What will you do to make your project stand out against others in the crypto field and the people who come to explore your project?

We are initiating a top-down approach in unison with a grassroots campaign with our communities.

The branding is clear and direct, and we are collaborating with top-tier media, notable investors, and KOLs.

We intend to distribute through 30+ media and community partners and KOL on launch to bring a premium product to users.

We actively engage our community members. Our social channels include over 50k Twitter followers, over 13k Discord members, and 185k Telegram members in 3 weeks.

We will definitely be able to do more in the future.

Thank everyone for joining the event.

Stay tuned and turn on your notifications to stay updated on many interesting upcoming events!

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