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2 min readJun 1, 2022

Lezme is offering social media influencers the opportunity to become Ambassadors! You will receive monthly rewards of $Lezme tokens, #NFTs, early access to new features, special invites to events, ability to connect with #Lezme core team, and more!


Lezme Ambassador Purpose

Lezme Ambassador will play an essential role in developing the Lezme community as we work toward bringing Lezme to a larger audience. Ambassadors are enthusiastic about our project and growing the community.

Why should you join our ambassador program?

Ambassadors enjoy a host of perks and privileges:

  • Competitive rewards

Be a part of Lezme and get paid for your hard work!

  • Network Opportunity

Get involved in the blockchain world, connect, and grow your network of blockchain experts.

  • Exclusive Access

Be an early supporter. Have exclusive access to more projects by Lezme, such as NFT whitelisting.

  • Free Training Sessions

Be a part of Lezme and receive free training.

  • Become Our Influencer

Be a pioneer. Represent your country and get access to countless opportunities!

We are looking for passionate individuals. Here are some key traits that we are looking for:

  • You have in-depth knowledge of the crypto industry.
  • You are familiar with crypto trading bots or you have heard about crypto trading bots.
  • You are a proactive, highly-motivated, and fast learner.
  • You have local connections or communities.
  • You know how to reach local crypto enthusiasts.
  • You have communication skills and experience in marketing.

Ambassador Roles

Country Leader

  • Design training courses, organize AMAs, launch campaigns for local audiences.
  • Help translate and manage the local communities.
  • Recruit new ambassadors and host events both online and offline.

Content Creator

  • Videos + graphics: create content about Lezme on social media–art, tutorials, educational videos, use case overviews.
  • Blogs + articles: write articles to boost Lezme’s market presence.
  • Infographics + memes: create fantastic content to share to the community.

Youtube Creator/ Influencer

  • Share our insights on your channel (IG, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube).
  • Crypto influencers who are part of the cryptocurrency community (Crypto bloggers, YouTubers, Tiktokers, Twitter influencers, etc.).
  • Create engaging content to promote Lezme and educate users about the Lezme trading bot ecosystem.
  • Share your ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

Community Partner

  • Are you a community owner? Share about Lezme and promote Lezme in your community. As an official partner, we will promote each other!

How to become a Lezme Ambassador?

Step 1: Submit form — HERE

Step 2: Wait for approval

Step 3: Welcome onboard

We are looking for all of you guys!

Be a part of Lezme — The world’s first Financial Metaverse!

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